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Product Information:

Bare PCB Module Product Technical Description

FLST flexible LED light strip/ribbon- PCB strip

FLSW flexible LED light strip- water proof

Flexible LED light strip. PCB strip. Double side tape.

Flexible LED light strip. Silicone cover.

    LBA LED light bar, aluminum LED Light Bar, aluminum, plastic cover
    PMSW27 PIR occupancy sensor- wall mount PMSW27 wall PIR occupancy motion sensor, 120/24V, relay output.
    PMSC36 PIR occupancy sensor- ceiling mount PMSC36 ceiling PIR occupancy motion sensor, 120/240/24V, relay output.

Battery protector PCB
BOM CIR-BMBP-12V-1 basic
BOM CIR-BMBP-12V-2 basic
BOM CIR-BMBP-12V-3 full
BOM CIR-BMBP-12V-4 full

Battery cut-off circuit, flashing display.

PCR LED controller

BOM list
Linear current regulation schematic
PWM LED dimmer schematic

LED photocell and current regulator. LED driver.
  LLIA90- LED illumination array 90 LED illuminator array board


10 LED bargraph display (LM3914/5/6), adjustable settings. Built-in op-amp circuit. Multiple applications

PE-SRD switching regulator

SRD3 schematic
SRD3 CC/CV schematic

LM2596T with op-amp circuit switching regulator, constant current, constant voltage control.

MFSRC schematic- basic

MFSRC schematic- photocell/voltage

Multifunction switching regulator controller. Supertex HV9910B/16B LED driver IC with op-amp photocell/control circuit
      Infrared LED array PCB panel 35/102/224/350/560 LEDs panel, 850/940nm.
      CCTV license plate capture IR/camera control board, CIR-REGL, that synchronizes and pulses the IR array to the video signal.  Please contact us for more details.

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